Monday , October 23 , 2000
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This comic has been re-drawn in July of 2003 to replace the Original Drawing. In Mysto's office at PDI / Mysto: Well, young man, Pathos did you say your name was? / Pathos: *nod* / Mysto: We've run all the tests we can, and we believe you have a very rare and unusual psychic ability--a form of empathic projection. / Tracker: Unfortunately, like most of our clients here in the institute, your ability is affected by an acute psychic dyslexia, and you seem to involuntarily project negative emotions, causing anyone who comes near you to want to kick the bejeezus out of you-- / There is a knock on the door and Cassie enters with a tray. / Cassie: Here are some refreshments, Boss-- / She smacks Pathos with tthe tray as soon as she's close to him. / Tracker: This is going to make CPR training real tough.
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